Creating Artful Careers

The arts encourage us to think critically, see the world from different angles, love more deeply, empathize with others, and challenge our preconceived notions of reality. At Whittier, the creative arts are taught with these ideas in mind.

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Creating Artful Careers

Through music, theatre, writing, acting, visual, and other creative arts, Poets across the world are producing work that entertains, challenges, inspires, and awes audiences.

Poets Take the Road Less Traveled through China

Alternative spring break gives student unique perspective.

Learning Lessons in Democracy

Poet heads to Peace Corps.

Poets Explore the City of Angels

Professor Howard taught in urban classroom.

From Whittier to NASA in the Blink of an Eye

Virtual internship opens doors for Whittier student.

2017 Graduate Awarded Fulbright ETA

Poet seeks to create positive change in the world.

Senior Moment: Jocelyn Lopez '17

Exit stage left: a well-rounded thespian.


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